FCBA accepting applications for Transnational Access (TA) to Trees4Future

The Call for Transnational Access (TA) to Trees4Future infrastructures is open and applications expected !!!

FCBA Laboratories of Biology and Physics are part of the 28 Trees4Future specialized research structures and facilities offering free access to external users. The access includes visiting and using the laboratories facilities under expert guidance. The TA program is open to researchers working in EU Member States (EU-28) and Associated countries (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland and Turkey).
The unit of access is defined as 5 days. On average each user or user group is expected to stay 5 days at the infrastructure and therefore use 1 unit of access. This includes preparation of the specimens, preparation of the test set-ups, as well as conducting the experiments.

It is still time to apply if you wish to visit us!
Trees4Future contributes to users' travel (up to 450 € per visit) and subsistence costs, see application process http://www.trees4future.eu/transnational-accesses/application-procedure.html.

What can we offer to visitors?
Biology Laboratory is involved in laboratory and field tests, research projects and networks in the fields of wood durability and protection. We are ISO 17025 accredited for our knowledge and know-how. We work according to European and French test standards and have also developed our own accredited test protocols, allowing us to test the resistance of any kind of wood and non-wood based material.
We perform various laboratory and field tests aiming to determine:
• The efficacy of wood preservatives, wood natural extractives, oil based products, innovative products and processes, coatings
• The resistance of wood, wood-based materials (panels, bio-based insulation materials, wood polymer composites, modified wood) and other building materials (resins, non-cellulosic insulation materials, plastics, cables …)
Against weathering (in collaboration with FCBA Physics Laboratory) and degradation by wood-boring organisms such as decay fungi, molds, beetles and subterranean termites.
We also developed a unique experience in testing the efficacy of systems designed to prevent termite infestation in buildings (baiting systems, physical and physic-chemical barriers).
Our equipment includes:
• four field test (two of them being located in tropical areas, French Guyana and Guadeloupe Island, and two in France mainland – one in the forest and one at FCBA), allowing testing in real-use natural weathering conditions
• laboratory insect breeds (Reticulitermes sp. termites, Hylotrupes bajulus, Anobium punctatum and Lyctus brunneus) and fungal collections (decay fungi, molds, blue-stain fungi)
• microscopes and microtomes allowing anatomical observations and determinations of wood species
• X ray apparatus allowing the tracking of wood-boring larvae tunneling into wood
• artificial ageing procedures equipment allowing the exposure of test materials to evaporation, leaching, UV radiation (in collaboration with FCBA Physics Laboratory)
Please contact magdalena.kutnik@fcba.fr

Physics Laboratory is involved in laboratory and field tests, research projects and networks in the fields of acoustic, thermal and vapor permeability measurements, reaction to fire, wooden floors, coatings and joineries performances. We are ISO17025 accredited for our knowledge in acoustic, fire, joinery and thermal resistance measurement. We work according to European and French test standards.
We perform various laboratory tests aiming to determine the physical properties of wood and wood-based products, such as:
•  thermal and acoustic behavior
• reaction to fire
•  hygroscopicity
•  dimensional stability
• thermal insulation
• air permeability
• resistance to artificial and natural weathering
Our equipment includes all the relevant installations for these measurements. The equipment can be used to characterize small, medium or real scale components in real situations.
Please contact frederic.wielezynski@fcba.fr

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