Slovenia Conference Session 3

The third session at the Conference consisted of short presentations to accompany poster presentations. The session was chaired by Dennis Jones (SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, Sweden) and Ales Ugovsek (M Dora d.d., Slovenia).

The presentations given in this session were:

Stephanie Gantz. "Investigation of the resistance against soft rot of thermally modified bamboo (Dendrocalamus barbatus)"

Anna Rozanska: "Construction and material issues and usage prospects of antique wooden beam floors"

Roman Reh: "Monitoring of pressing process in advanced Composite formwork panels - I"

Izabela Burawska: "Natural reinforcement of bent wooden elements"

Stergios Adamopoulos: "Gypsum-based bricks (WoodRub BRICKS) manufactured from recovered wood and rubber"

Turker Dundar: "In situ evaluation of historic timber structures with non-destructive and semi-destructive test techniques"

Monika Muszynska: "Adhesion promoters as agents improving thermoresistance of glue lines"

Elisabeth Habla: "Using wood based interior materials to promote human well-being: Project Wood2New"

Sotir Glushkov: "Technology and machinery for the manufacture of wooden houses from roundwood in Bulgaria"

Manja Kuzman: "Societal perceptions of the forest-based sector and its products towards a sustainable society: Project W3B = Wood Believe"

Miha Humar: "COST FP1303 cooperative performance test - status update"

Linda Meyer: "A platform for Exchange of performance data - the IRG-WP Durability Database" 

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