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Test table trials for observing moisture performance and risk of biological decay

The performance of wood products is of major concern to end users. It is well known that the risk of biological attack is increased with high moisture content, which may be due to the natural properties of the wood or due to poor design. To help understand performance and decay risk, there have been several tests in recent years looking at long term moisture performance. This round robin study will build on these studies by exposing similar test rigs at various sites, so that local climate risks can be determined, as well as understanding the long term surface performance of the material (both its durability and aesthetical performance). 

Information on table 

Locations of test tables across COST Member States

Location of test tables across FP1303 Member States


A total of 49 tables have been prepared and exposure will start at all sites across Europe on September 1st, 2014. This will allow maximum opportunity for gathering important data on moisture performance and aesthetical appearance during the duration of the COST Action. Studies will continue beyond the time frame of the Action.

Instructions for test tables


For more information on the test tables, please contact Miha Humar (miha.humar@bf.uni-lj.si) or Christian Brischke (brischke@ibw.uni-hannover.de).  

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