Training School 1 Hannover

Durability studies in the field - Assessment and Evaluation Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany 25-26 June, 2014

Field durability studies are basic elements for performance testing of bio-based building materials. Besides traditional graveyard tests, which are well established for wood-based Products, more and more new test methods are of interest. To adequately reflect the intended use conditions, novel methods including moisture monitoring in various above-ground situations are required. The goal of this training school was therefore to cover various aspects of field durability testing, which was held over 2 full days.


Training School Flyer


The following persons attended the Training School:

Miklos Bak (Hungary), Aleksandra Banaszak (Poland), Ferry Bongers (Germany), Barbara Brunnhuber (Austria), Elena Conti (Italy), Simon Curling (UK), Carolina Griebeler (Spain), Daniela Maschek (Germany), Mathilde Montibus (France), Maria Ines Placencia Pena (Switzerland), Carmen-Mihaela Popescu (Romania), Rebecka Ringman (Sweden), Anna Sandak (Italy), Elina Sohlberg (Finland), Eser Sozen (Turkey), Guillermo Vidal Diez de Ulzurrum (Belgium), Mojca Zlahtic (Slovenia).


The trainers for the School were:

Christian Brischke, Linda Meyer and Andreas Rapp (all from Leibniz University Hannover, Germany), Pia Larsson-Brelid (SP, Sweden), Morten Klamer (DTI, Denmark) and Ina Stephan (BAM, Germany), assisted by Carola Hesse and Arved Soetbeer (Leibniz University Hannover, Germany).


A highly informative document was produced for use during the Training School and it can be downloaded here.


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