Training Schools

Training Shcools are a key delivery tool within COST for advancing the knowledge of researchers and scientists (and in particular Early Stage Researchers) in focus areas related to the Action. They offer a chance for researchers to learn theoretical and practical skills from recognised experts in the subjects of the Training School, so advancing the opportuities for learning and future collaborative work.

Training School 1:
Durability studies in the field - Assessment and Evaluation
Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany
25-26 June, 2014

Details of this Training School can be found on the Training School 1 Hannover page. More information may be obtained by contacting Dr. Christian Brischke at Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany: Email:


Training School 2: Mould fungi - Evaluation of mould risk

Biocomposites Centre, Bangor University, UK

8-10 June, 2015.

Mould fungi are an increasing hazard to both the appearance of buildings and to the health of those who live and work in them. In order to understand how and why moulds grow this Training School will cover the biology, ecology, handling and assessment of a range of mould fungi using a hands on approach. Students and other ESRs are particularly welcome.

More details and registration forms will be available soon.


Further Training Schools will be announced as the Action proceeds. 

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